More leagues


I hope we get more leagues in the future like elite league, 3000+ CP requirement or legendary league, only legendaries. share your ideas for future leagues


I want water, and type specific leagues :joy:.
But only one of a specific pokemon


Like only one kyogre per team


The little league with max 500cp would be nice.


10 cp league.
100 IV league


I hope we have 10 cp league :joy:
100 IV is unlikely because niantic doesn’t want us to know IV of our Pokemon but hopefully they let us see it’s stats


and 0iv leagues


10 cp league would be funny


a non legendary league


But actually we don’t need all these separate leagues, for example if you want to do 10 cp then you can just do great league, use 10 cp Pokemon, and ask your opponent to do that too


Some may have already said this but… baby Pokémon leagues.


Maybe a customized league to allow players to create rules and leagues.




I hope for chat like option, where you could request 500 or less cp battles. I am having to randomly send out battle requests to my friends list and hope someone is online. Still yet I love the trainer battles!


That is why I don’t add random people from the megathread as a friend. I only add people who I can contact with.


If i see someone open a gift i immediately request pvp, well sometimes🤷🏾‍♂️


i’m sure they’ll make custom battles, just gotta wait. PVP is very much fresh and much to be fixed or changed or added.

These features are a must tho:
Online - Offline
Score board(atleast know how much wins between you and a trainer you battled, not a actual score board with EVERY trainer in the world(that also is good too but🤷🏾‍♂️))


It’s just new, took 2 years to get here prob 2 more to fine tune it. I down with that, I still love the game! Super glad I can actually use small mons now! Random friends get you both big xp and maybe one day a few good battles. All gold