Moltres Day battle party



I’ll see what I can do. There are many factors I have no control over. It’s definitely a different time span.
For me it’s normally 11 a.m. to 2 p.m.
It sucks that I might miss Moltres Day but it’s not game-breaking. I have multiple Moltres already.


My other 3 Smack Down Ttar are not ready to make the team yet.


If I don’t drive for an hour there is only one place near me with 4 gyms.

But your group sounds awesome!

Have fun, and I look forward to seeing a shiny or a 100 IV Moltres from you :wink:.


WOW, so many 100 IV!

Is it your Go-Plus that catches these?



I see what you did, wow!

You will lose many less pokemon that way.


The Ttar was a Community Day catch.
2 of my 6 100% Golems were from the Go Plus and the other 4 were from the good old days of having maps. All were evolved from Geos.
I live in a Geo biom and catch a bucket load of them weekly. It’s my highest seen/caught.


Eevee is my highest seen caught, after the Community Day.

Ready to get some more shinies for Chickorita :muscle: