Moltres Day battle party



Since I couldn’t get more than one Smack Down Tyranitar, this will have to do


Although I don’t think I’ll use it, my Vaporeon Squad is ready.


Its number 22 in partly cloudy weather. not in top 24 in any other weather type.
Beats Mewtwo and Dragonite in partly cloudy weather tough.
But yeah, if your group is large enough it doesnt really matter what you use. Could give extra balls but 1 ultra friend is enough to help with that aswell.


Yes, maybe @Punica will get them both poke-balls


Don’t know if I’ll be able raid at that time, because I will be in Singapore. But this would be my team. Should be decent enough. :sunglasses:


Singapore has raids that fill up in seconds.

Ask @Lingyujie where to go

You can also meet him.


I’m travelling with a group. Not sure about my schedule and I don’t even know at what time community day happens in Singapore.


:rofl: @Lingyujie what time is CD for you?




What… How every raid has 20 people no matter what? It is awesome…


Let the game choose for me and I would adjust abit


Omg so good pokemons


as with last 2 legendary days we have 3 dedicated groups that do as many raids in those 3 hours as they can. First time we reached 25 raids, second time 34.
That means spending up to 25-30 paid raidpasses and a very stressfull 3-hour raiding (more so for the drivers as we go by car). Anyone in our community is free to join (and so is @Kevin_v_Hoften) but that requires spending paid passes which most are not willing to spend that many.
Knowing that @Kevin_v_Hoften has a total of 4 accounts together with his mom and dad, that’s a lot of passes. They’ll most likely do 10 (including the 5 free ones) at max.
If they want to do all, they are free to join my raiding group :smile:


What website/app is that? It’s not Pokébattler, is it?


22 Sep



He means the time of the day…




Yeah…but how late


12.p.m. to 3.p.m.