Moltres Day battle party



Whats your battle party for Moltres Day?


And yes,i’ve renamed all of my Pokémon :rofl::rofl::rofl:


You have relicanth X_X
How do you have all those regionals


I know some people that went on vacation
I gave them my acc to catch them




Nice party.


My party will be even better by moltres day as I will be farming stardust this week to power up the party.



Sky means sky Attack
Ov means overheat
Fi means fire blast
He means heat wave


It’s nothing special, but everything does super effective damage so it’s not terrible


I like your Dwayne! Very funny :joy:


This should do the trick. Unless its rainy weather. Then i replace golem with Kyogre. But Tyranitar has the shortest Time To Win for every weather type (even rainy) so those 5 are always in.


Relicanth? that sounds unorthodox, but effective.


I wish I had a relicanith


I must be the only person who doesnt make “specific” parties just for pokemon battles.

Im using my normal team i always use:
4 mewtwo 1 tyranitar 1 dragonite


I’ll make a special team if i think the pokemon i’m raiding is special. I don’t use a special team for the Regi’s, but i’ll use one for a mewtwo raid


With my raid parties being 18-20 people, i rarely need to prep for any battle.


Kevin you should have TTars and Golems in your party but it doesnt matter if your group size is big. You gonna play with @Punica?


No idea yet…Some people cant play…


Its a good counter for Moltres.