Mewtwo will be back in EX Raids on 23 October..๐Ÿ˜‘


Psystrike Mewtwo

They cant be serious, I really hope its a lie to shrug off any speculation
Why would drive long distances to get something they already have caught more than 30 times?


LMAO. Niantic is on dat gooood.

Even i wont want to get ex pass after i get 40+ Mewtwo


They really donโ€™t think these things through do they?
If MewTwos returning after the event finishes the whole Ex Raid system will be dead. I know I wonโ€™t bother to chase and Raid the Ex Gyms like I have previously for some thing I will have so many of only to not be able to do some due to unsuitable times midweeek.
Are Niantic really that arogant they thing things will just go back to the way they were and the masses will still blindly chase Ex Raids.


I meanโ€ฆ

I might not find a group during the monthโ€ฆ
And then after that I might get a pass, which could guarentee players will be at the raidโ€ฆโ€™

So I might need it.


If you canโ€™t find/join groups in the month of open Raids you going to struggle to find them after even if one does get triggered. There will be much less incentive for people to make their plans around one set date time if itโ€™s remotely unsuitable.
If you havenโ€™t be getting and doing them now you sure as wonโ€™t be later but good luck with it.


Thank you.

Just one dex entryโ€ฆ

But it is good I see why you raid it


i wish they are bluffing against any speculation regarding deoxys!!!




If itโ€™s true, maybe Mewtwo can then finally be shiny? :star_struck:


Sounds like a plan.

Give everyone Mewtwo. Then release Ex pass shiny mewtwo availablity. Niantic scheming up.


I canโ€™t get a great IV MewTwo from Ex Raids, I have no hope of getting a Shiny one :rofl::rofl::rofl:


i wonder whats more rare

98% iv or shiny

  • high iv
  • shiny

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Outside of the CDโ€™s and Legendary returns I have a lot more 98% Pokemon than I do Shiny.


98 and 100 from raids is 4/216, so 1/54
Shiny seems to be around 1/16 or 32
So 98+is more rare


Shiny mewtwo + good iv

Not meโ€ฆi cant possibly have any type of luck in this game.