Mewtwo: share your catches!


Had my 4th Cat Raid on the weekend Sat 24/3
Still nothing worthy of dumping Candy and Dust into :roll_eyes:


Another Cat Raid Sat 30/3 and still don’t have a Dust/Candy worthy one.
Of the 30 people present only one person got one in the 90% range. Lots of really poor ones.
I got another one next week from a Raid I got invited to after I did the Bulbasaur event. This Gyms has never had an Ex Raid before.
Here’s hoping this one will be worthy.


I am having the same luck. 5 EX Raids and finally got one that was 82%. Can’t power it up but at least it was amazing.




: Not the best IVs but I am pretty lucky to have had his many so far, plus another raid next week :smile:


Upcoming on community day


Caught my 5th Cat on the Sun and still no good ones.
we had 4 Lobbies at this one and somewhere between 50-60 accounts
2 100% were caught in the Lobby I was in. I got the crap left over.
I got a consolation prize of a 100% Tyranitar at a Raid on the way home.
I have another Cat Raid this weekend so here’s hoping I can finally get a good one.

The dud collection.


Going for my 8th Mewtwo April 14th.


Another Ex Raid and it’s MewPhew still as mine all stink.
The Raid rotation has now changed from weekends to week days. Luckily the this week I’m on afternoon shift and was able to do mine on a Monday at Midday. I know quite a few who were unable to make it due to work.
Not sure yet if I’ll take a day off for the Pass I have for next weeks Cat Raid on a Monday again.


Cp 2244 rocks!



Added another MewPhew to the growing list yesterday.
Got over 220 Candy and enough spare Dust, just can’t catch a good one worthy of Powering Up.


I haven’t broken 90% yet… :frowning:️ And this has also persuaded me to skip next weeks raid.


Does Mew count?


MewTwo number nine on Monday and still don’t have a good. 3x 78% now, completely useless Dex fillers.
To add insult to this I caught the Wifes second 98% one. One the way to the Ex Raid I did a Latias and caught a 96% on hers to go with her 100% and 98%. I have no good Latias either :roll_eyes:

Sadly I wont be able to attend next weeks Raid as its right in the middle of a work day.


Was excited to get that 95.6. Couldn’t believe Mewtwo has a base Attack of 300. Always heard folks say ‘no such thing as a bad Mewtwo’.


What is this app you use to check how many % is your pokies? Where was the ex raid in London please, I havent been invited once yet. -…-


got this guy a few weeks back not enough rare candy though.


That EX raid was a local one, try and raid at a park repeatedly and you should get an invite