Mewtwo: share your catches!


Yeah. England in general has had maybe 6 reported EX raids, but none in Central London. Bit weird IMO


Some people in Chester are on their second Mewtwo


Always Chester, we need a PoGo event in the South-East!


What we need is an Irish event


You have Conor McGregor, that’s all you need.


Caught one yesterday, 2196. Don’t know whether to be exited to have it or disappointed that it is to terrible to do anything with…


And you got your Entei, be happy! At least you have one MewTwo


McGregor is a disgrace. He brings a bad image of drinking, swearing and cockiness to this country.


Ok, so you’re not a fan. Just think about the Halloween event we’ll get in a few weeks instead.


We will probably get Sableye, Duskull and Shuppet.


Chester is the zone, all within 5 minutes walk of each other. The most densely populated place in the world.


Team Valor dominates the area. To me it’s great.


It’s a Myth that Ledgendary Raids won’t get you a Ex Raid invite.
I know of 2 people that got an invite and they only did a Ledgendary Raid at the Gym the Mewtwo Raid was at.
Also to add, not everyone who Raided that Gym got an invite either. Talking to one of the 2 that got his invite yesterday said that 3 of his mates that were on the same Legendary Raid never got an Ex Raid invite.

A lot of lucky required to for these:

  1. Lucky to do a Raid at the chosen Gym.
  2. Lucky to get the invite out of possible 100’s that have done a Raid a said chosen Gym.
  3. Lucky to be available in the time/date the Raid is scheduled.
  4. Then the Luck of capture once you’ve won the Raid.


Meh IV but still so pumped to have him. :smiley: Bag space will be so much freer now that I another rare candy outlet.


There’s more limitations (may repeat)

  1. How many people are able to attend the Ex raid at last
  2. The average level of players and their strength
  3. Time frame of 300 seconds


I did my Mewtwo raid on Saturday afternoon…There was 44 of us and 36 caught it…the best IV caught was 93%…I caught mine and it was 87%…I’d post it here but I dunno how to take a screenshot on my phone


I got mine in a Tiny town we had 14 show up and I caught mine on the last ball was crazy to be shaken but I’m level 38 and the people I’m helping play are from 24/30 there were 4 crit catchs on early throws people jumping around and I’m still tossing poke balls but I did get a 14/14/14 93% the nest highest was 84% !!!


It was 2257 the cp from jump start my new mewtwo he’s pretty strong I look for gyms with full strength Pokémon to test him out !


Caught a 2262 on my only ex raid invite and I am pleased with my catch.
I will have to figure out how to post a picture, gotta go now, thanks for the forum access.


Got 1 … ex raid system is a pain though