Mewtwo Ex Raid Obtain Ideas?


I’ve recieved 2 EX Passes. Both of them I got from raiding an Wailmer on a gym were I have a bronze badge. So that’s been working for me.


2 in one wave on one account?


No 2 different waves, and on 1 account, yes.


Oh ok
All four invitations Ive got were for different gyms


Try to raid everyday and at different gyms, but not at too many different gyms. Try the soloable raids (like Metapod, Dewgong, Mawile or Sableye) or, if you are with more people, try more difficult raids, but raid everyday to get higher chances.

I still didn’t get one, but I don’t raid much.


aint got nothing to discuss. I tried that and it was going good then staff deleted it.

In the end if majority or the people in charge hate something. Then alot of others follow that same thought process.

To me i think ill just stop defending something that isnt affecting anyone greatly. You mad so ill let you stay mad(not directed at you)


I read that the first time thank you. Its nothing new that im perpetually mad.


Leveling and keep doing gym battle and raids are definitely the way to obtain Ex raid pass. The first Ex raid pass I received was in a gym with golden badge and I leveled up to TL 32 which raised the chance of getting invited.