May 3rd/4th: my first self-earned EX raid pass


Looks like they followed the pattern and sent out passes yesterday…

How about you guys? Did you get your passes? Can you attend?

Getting EX Raid Passes is not that easy around here. The nearest active EX raid gyms are in the next bigger city. And even there they lately were having trouble with not triggering it…
Since I currently have two weeks off, I grabbed our phones (hubby’s got to work unfortunately, but he doesn’t like lingering around waiting for raids anyway and was quite pleased I’d do that on my own) and went there.
I was around for about 4 hours but of the 3 gyms only one had raids in that time, so I did these (Giratina, then later Machamp). This had not worked last time, so I was a bit afraid it wouldn’t suffice.
But right on time, yesterday in the evening the invite came fluttering in. First on my husband’s account… And I was quite pissed at that time, because I thought I again wouldn’t get one myself. It just arrived some minutes later :heart_eyes:
And even better: it’s on a saturday! So we will be able to attend and finally (hopefully) get that defense forme Deoxys…


Did lots of Bagon, Snorunt and Mawile Raids on EX Gyms, but didn’t get an EX Raid Pass. I did get my very first Shiny Mawile though, so that compensates it. Oh, and I’m still on holiday on both May 3rd and 4th, so I don’t really care I didn’t get an EX Raid Pass.


Congrats on the Mawile and good luck for the next wave :hugs:


I got my ex raid pass for may 4th. For a stupid time, but i can make it. Did one latios raid there


Missed out on a Ex Pass for tomorrow but got one this morning for next week. Quite funny really. Last week 5 Ex Gyms Raided and no Pass. Only 2 this week and I get a Pass.
This will be the first time I do more than 2nd one of the types.


Congrats on your first self-earned pass and good luck making it count.

I’m quite glad to have gotten invites both for today and for May 3. Should be able to make it today, and might be able next week, too. No guarantees for either, though.


I don’t have any EX-Raid pass gyms in my town. All the surrounding towns have them though.


Got a pass. Cant attend though. Gotta go to a wedding. Already got 3 from this forme so its ok. Not very hard to get invites in my city. + 78 ultra/best friends so theres always the invite option aswell.


Holiday? March?