Master ball in Pokemon go?


Should a master ball be introduced? If so how rare should it be?


The funny thing is that Master Ball is already in the game. It’s texture set, it’s mechanics, even it’s animation effect is in, but it’s not active.

Here’s the texture pack we extracted earlier:


Ooh that’s very cool :sunglasses: hadn’t seen it before! I get the feeling these will be perhaps event items though through the promo codes though and maybe not available to everyone, if they were I’m guessing they would be extremely rare, about 1/10,000


It will probably come out when the Legendaries are released. It makes sense, doesn’t it?


Yep, that’s the general consensus on the Master Ball


I agree that’s the only time imo that they will release it when there are legendaries.


Agreed… Can you imagine if you missed the throw though :frowning:


The code in the game means you never miss the throw I believe


The one time a nanab berry might be useful


Are there any other Pokeballs maybe also in the game?