Marowak and Raichu is here (in raids)


Is this soloable ? If so hype

I hope they’ll let us get them from research tasks as well. Not everyone can do raids.

Credit to @bobbyjack8 for the marowak image and Nintendo Wire for these


Im thinking the Raichu should be soloable… most level 3s are. The Marowak i dont think so.


level 4 is simply not enough time to solo it,

I also like the alolan exeggutor and the Kirlia raids.


Hopefully quite an easy duo.



Shame I will have to obliterate the Raichu first, but at least its a cool “challenge” I guess




Hi @Greninjo how’s your raid scenario?


Give it to Niantic for making ALOAN markowak impossible to get (besides trade) for rurals and solo players like me. And aloan raichu just as hard, because it’s hard to find a specific raid


Raichu should be renamed to ‘Raidchu’.


True. But if Niantic should introduce it into raids it should be more common.



New move, I presume?


I would really like to see Marowak in Research tasks. Worried about it being in breakthrough boxes. Those boxes are the lifeline of many players’ legendary capabilities and putting Marowak in them is like putting Marowak in legendary raids for a month


Not really boxes are better because I can’t do the legendary raids. The last one I did was raquaza


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