Mankey transformed into Ditto?!


Wtf?! I was trying to catch a Mankey and it broke out constantly. After 10 balls thrown I caught it and it transformed into Ditto.

(Mankey transforming screenshot)

As you can see I catch loads of Fighting mons.

Unfortunately I haven’t taken a screenshot of the Mankey because I was too late but I have of the Ditto.

Does anybody know more about this?


I guy from our local raid group said he caught a Mankey yesterday that was a Ditto, they must have added it to the list with this event and to help people still searching for Ditto in the Special Research.


I do think so. At first I was guessing it was a mistake, but if I’m not the only one…


I had no idea! I am still stuck on “Find a Ditto” so this is great to know!
I wonder how many Mankey-Dittos I’ve walked right past so far.


Yes, Mankey was a ditto for me, too.


Maybe for this reason I let not one on the way, I catch them all. And after, at home, I have to send them away rapidly to have enough space again.


I never knew that.


Just caught my 4h after I completed the task. The first has completed the task btw.
It should appear very soon. I feel it.


Yes, I can confirm this. The same happend to me on Monday.


Yep, had a couple now. They can give big CP Ditto’s too.


Yes just got one


Yes, I noticed it too. Mankey was 479CP but Ditto 342CP. I’ve never got a Ditto higher than 300CP.


I Go Plused an 80%IV 616 CP Ditto last Saturday.
I also have a 593 CP one caught Oct 2017 in my collection.


@bagguille if you enjoy closing topics so much, you could also close this one because it’s gone now and the event either.