Major Map Rework


Dear Reader,you may knew for the recent update on the POGO map.New streets,gyms,pokestops and park areas were added.But at the same type a lot of parks,gyms and pokestops dissapeared.In my opinnion this change is pretty interesting.Niantic is really improving their game.

P.S. Please Niantic next time dont remove any gyms,parks,pokestops etc.

One mystery about recent OpenStreetMap PoGo update

The problem is, they have used this time maps more detailed, but with more errors…


It’s openstreetmap getting used now


Map looks very good, but there is one street in my city that is completly removed from game map, it was in before


Well anyone can sign up and submit revisions to OpenSteetMap. So you could create a account and submit the changes you know need to be made and hopefully enough or yours get approved/ added so it can eventually hit POGO and it be corrected. I’m doing this in my area, where I play.


Mmmmh, very strange, the fault I see in PoGo isn’t in the map, when I take a look to


They are still pushing the update so they may not be synced up yet.


Since right now Pokemon Go uses OpenStreetMap, will it constantly update if i make some changes in OpenStreetMap? I have no idea… Can someone answer it?


I have been doing osm a while now :smiley:


Unsure, does anyone want to test it out lol?