Magmar - is it worth the investment?


After a wait that seemed interminable I finally have a 100 IV pokemon. Is Magmar a good enough attacker or defender to be worth the cost (200K+ stardust and 220 or so Magby candy) to power it up to level 40, though?

Having never been much of a Magmar fan I’m not naturally-inclined to pump nearly everything I’ve got into maxing it out. But if it would be enough of a standout in combat I’d consider doing that. Thoughts?


Not at all
And it would cost 100 candy to evolve first and then 248 to max it out
And Heatran comes next gen
And we still have Entei and Moltres


It will be good as magmortar, so evolve then power up. It’s slightly better than flareon so a great alternative to legendaries. @vorgriff3


But dont max him out
And what are you gonna use him for anyways, none of the Gen 4 legendaries nor popular gym defenders (bar Metagross) is weak to it


I wouldn’t power it up yet. If magmortar is any good then it might be worth it. Particularly if you don’t have access to legendary raids.


Comparing to non legendary, if given overheat, is it better than BB Charizard and overheat Flareon?


I doubt that Magmar would be better than Charizard and Flareon. I’m not sure about Magmortar though.


It’s stronger than flareon, and on par with bb Charizard


I would take him to lvl 30 max ONCE gen IV drops, so you can evolve it. Too bad fire types won’t see much action once Registeel leaves us.


Thanks for the bits of input. I think I’ll just keep in wait-and-see mode for now. I can always evolve/power-up later, as long as I don’t squander the dust somewhere else.


That sounds like the best idea, incase magmortar gets a nerf.