Machop Field Research Day! (Concept by Pokemon)


Nooo, that’s the last in my list…

Here they say, your life will go on in every moment two days more… so be happy with the day you have and make plans for the next


@bagguille I’m happy with life on on Greatful Dead. Check it out. It is probably against everything you don’t like and you will like it until you check it out closely. I never thought I would agree with that until I actually investigated it. Check it out! You’ll like it!




Try a search for it… everything which comes up here, is in relation with the music group… and a movie…


Yea there ok


Are we friends


Wasn’t feebas day same month as totodile day? :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


OMG. Just give it a shot. If you like the blues, like AC/DC or Led Zeppelin, Grateful Dead is awesome.


Hmm, interesting thoughts


Who you talkin to I did give it a shot at some of their songs are okay