Lure times during Kanto event


Does anyone have any info on it lures are extended for the Kanto event? I can’t find anything but I’m hearing local reports of them lasting past 30 mins


We had one last more than an hour so far


Thanks for the quick reply. @apavlinovic have you heard anything about extended lures during this event?


No just going by what I’ve seen


So at least an hour for sure


They last 6 hours, I set one at 5:54pm and it lasted till 11:54pm!!!




Lots of surprises. 6 hour lures, buddy distance is cut in half plus the double candy makes for a very nice event.


6 hours is nice. That will come in handy on Sunday.


The event is just ok to me…it’s nice seeing some mons that I hadn’t seen very often since gen 3 was released. It’s actually been more fun playing on my second account since it actually needs some of these candies. It’s odd seeing pidgey and rattata rarely and seeing machop, geodude and sandshrew everywhere

It is also a nice opportunity to get rid of my excess legendaries…I’ve been waiting for double candy for quite a while to clear some storage space


I have to see which of my kids have the most Lures. I know I don’t. I have to work during Mareep event, but will still be out to catch for me and my daughter. My son will have to walk dogs during event in our neighborhood. We had same scenario during Bulbasaur event and he caught more than I did.


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