Lugia returns - how many players needed now?


I can only recognize czech, slovakian, polish, and maybe russian


Last time when was Lugia you nead 13 player, in Sunday I while atac whid 6 aconts and I while be know rezulted. Bad english


He protecc, he atacc…
I disagree, 8 decently strong people could beat it


Today was windy all day so I did not try and take on a weather boosted one with 5 on my own. Will see what the weather is tomorrow.


I just beat one that wasn’t weather boosted with 7 people and we had a 22 and a 30, however the average of the rest of us was around 38.


I did a weather boosted Lugia today and we needed 80% of the Total time. We were with 7 accounts, rangeing from lvl 33-36 and 1 level 29


6 today, all 35 and up, had Future Sight, we were left with like 70 seconds
These unnerfed stats sure matter a lot


Just did 1 during windy weather with 6 because the first group was already full (with only Instinct :smiley: ) but we managed it with 30 seconds left. Not everyone had perfect counters tough. It all depends on the counters :stuck_out_tongue:


A wide variety of opinions…
I wasn’t very lucky today with my Lugia raid (only managed to do one)… OK, we were 13 accounts and we took it down without problems. At least one of us (most stayed in their cars, so I don’t know about all) had a shiny… And I got a normal one with an even lower IV than my other one was…:confounded:


Did 3 today with about 8-9 each time.


Agreed, Lugia is a lot tougher.


Lugia is the only Major Legendary that wasnt nerfed, probably because its low CP
Which means that its defense stays stupidly high anyways, and thats why its so difficult


In which case, i probably can’t beat lugia when me and my friend device spam up to 6…

We would be level:
35, 30, 30, 25, 18, and 5


This would barely count as 4 players…


I know, we managed to beat rayquaza pretty easily, but then again i have 6 dragonites all with the right moveset so that probably substantially contributed. We couldn’t get halfway through aggrons health in the time…


Windy all day again today so didn’t have a go at any with 5.
Did the first 2 of the day with a group of 8 all up. Lowest level player was 33. Lugia was defeated easy with plenty of time to spare.
I left the group to pick up a friend. We did 1 Raid on the way back to rejoin the group. I used the Family 4 accounts/my friends I’m geting the streaks on and friend I just picked and had go at one with 6. Lowest of the 6 was L33. Lugia was weather boosted with Extrasensory/Sky Attack. Battle teams of all Tyranitar with a Bite/Crunch we’re chosen. Lugia was defeated easy with heaps of spare time suggesting I could do it with 5.
I will give it a go one day this week on the way home from work.


I managed to do two today, both not weather boosted.
First one was with 10 accounts (4 of them 40, 3 weak ones with anything used for counter, the rest normal 35-38). We had 135 seconds left.
On the second one, we were 9 (one average acc less) and it took us only some seconds longer.

I don’t think we would have been able to defeat it with only 6, at least not with one of weak ones in the lobby.

So, I guess: 5 (high-leveled players with ideal counters) to 7 (average players with good counters) and up sounds like a good recommendation to me for this round of Lugia

Just to answer my own question :grin::wink:

Looking forward to hear @NotanotherKangaskhan 's report about the 5 accounts raid, though