Lucky me , event? πŸ€”


If it is a really special event maybe @mew1 will drive to me but I am feeling lucky!



Hmm, something exciting? What could it be? Both shiny forms are out already, what exciting thing could it be?


Dunno… tommorow morning we will know, maybe you can come online early :wink:


Looking forward to it, we will see


I will check , early


Hmm maybe free poke coins XD Knowing Niantic


Pokemon what did you do to your prof pic???


Today is global team rocket day and we switched pics you can be mewtwo


Am I a mewtwo now?


And I’m wheezing Go Team Rocket


@pokemon I just saw this on FB, let me know what it is!


Did anything happen for anyone for Saturday yet


I’m getting ready to walk dogs and catch stuff. Then I’m going to tear down a bunch of red and yellow gyms. If I see anything, I’ll post here.


TEAM EEVEE!!! (Complete sentence thing)


Yes you are a Mewtwo


Dang it no more news for now


Well I don’t really understand this whole event thing. Is there an event, or nah?




Darn it


Maybe there will be unown and we will get to play the game pre release