Lucky friendship limits


Suppose I become a lucky friend to someone and make a lucky trade with them; can we become lucky friends again?

If so, can that friend become a lucky friend the second time when I still have friends that haven’t become lucky friends once yet?


You can become Lucky friends again


A little while ago, i had a Lucky trade with someone for an eevee, and the next day we became Lucky friends again, and we traded shiny groudons


That’s encouraging to hear.

If I might inquire, how many best friends in the game do you have? (If that’s your only one, then it could still be the case that all best friends need to become lucky once before repeating… which would be disappointing.)


20 ish


I’ve been lucky friends with the same person three times since the feature was implemented. It was crazy.


No more worries. Thanks, @Brobraam and @Arem1771 for the firsthand witness feedback.


I have become lucky friends with someone twice and never again, and haven’t with anyone else.


I finally did trade with local lucky friend and got 96% Groudon. Now I send him presents again to hope get lucky again.