Lucky Friends













How do you acquire lucky friends?
What are the perks of having them?


The first interaction you have on a day (trade, gym battle, raid battle, PVP battle) with someone whos already your BEST friend will give you a chance at becoming lucky friends.
Perks: The next trade you do is guaranteed a lucky trade. So its a good idea to do very special trades then like shiny legendarys, or counters you want to have really good stats. Since the floor for a lucky trade is 12/12/12 IV’s.


It also costs only half the dust to power up a Lucky pokemon


But I bet your 51 lucky friends are mostly people who you never seen before from all over the world (I got two of them now) - so the only perk is the fact that the list looks nice (which is cool I do agree) :wink: unless some time in the distant future Niantic will decide to add in-game chat and possiblity to make trade without distance limit… (hopefully I would have 200 lucky friends by then :smiley: )


Currently 13 are local but that doesn’t count the dozen or so that I’ve already traded with. Some were multiple that I didn’t count extra towards the 51.


Thanks all for the info. I assume then that it doesn’t add trades for players miles away?


To make a trade you must be within 10 meters away from each other - regardless of friend status






Already been lucky friends with these trainers before, so my total is still at 53


I have like 20 lucky friends, and about 17 of them are people I will never meet. We really need those international trades :confused:


Yes. We do. I’m saving all my international ones in case they let us do it. Can’t really exploit the feature because it’s a one use thing.




@bobbyjack8 you just got #55
Now you definitely need to come here for a weekend lol