Lucky change (for some)!



Seems not to be an event but for ever. There is not stated “until”


I think it will be cool


So i dont complain much usually about events. But this is a bit of a kick in the nuts.

The first part is ok. Luckys from trades are even stronger now. Great.
The second part however i dont like at all. If you have less then 10 luckys, then you get a guaranteed lucky if you trade a pokemon caught between july and august 2016 (thats releasedate + 1 month). So inactive players (traders) get a guaranteed reward. Active traders not. And it also needs to be an old pokemon thats part of the trade. So no legendarys, cause they werent in exsistence yet back then.

Gonna have to look into the details on how exactly it all will work. But at first sight, im not excited.


Edited title :wink:


I am going to trade with a friend with a shiny ho oh with less than 10 Luckies. First day an August 2016 for a shiny hi-oh, next day shiny ho oh for another August 2016 so we both have the lucky shiny

A quick question about lucky Pokémon

At least that is the planning




I would assume this is good for you guys?


Maybe for the Wife and Kids accounts but not for me.
PTC age capped account = No Friends, No Aloan Eggs, No Trading and No Lucky Pokemon.
In all honesty Lucky’s are over rated and just Collection Space cloggers. Unless its a Pokemon used for Battles or a 100% IV there is no good reason to keep them on the Family accounts. The only Lucky keepers so far have been a 100% Machamp and 1 of 6 Tyranitars.
A few have already been put on Gym duty and sent to the Professor upon return.


When will your account turn 13?


2 more years :rofl::rofl::rofl:


Ive heard of adults putting ‘1’ as their age and… another 10 years to wait :rofl:


Got the in game notification about guaranteed lucky


For only pokemon in August and July 2016.


Both Pokémon being traded need to be within such date range?



But Luckies arent uncommon, if you trade with someone I am sure you will get one.


I thought one of them within that range would be fine


Yes it would be fine.

But I only have two within that range so not trading any.


That’s my main issue with it.


tried it already?? really curious to the result