Lost task credit


I finally snagged the wild Ditto to finish my current set of 3 Special Research tasks, got the nice rewards for completing the set, went through a new trainer-talk scenario, and got the new 3-task set: Fight in 10 raids, make level 25, and evolve a Magikarp. (Thank goodness it didn’t say WIN 10 raids, that would have been quite a bit more onerous.)

I had just bailed on an Aggron raid when nobody had joined by the 30-second mark on the countdown, not feeling masochistic enough to try to solo that. But even losing 10 raids should satisfy the task, so I went back and got my ass kicked in short order… One down, or so I thought.

The binocular quest icon was orange, so I pressed it, only to have the trainer guy repeat the exact same narrative for that new set of tasks. And my 10-raid counter still said 0.

Thanks a f-ing lot. It’s not THAT big a deal to lose credit for just one raid; but getting shredded in a raid is no fun, particularly having to wait for the 2-minute-to-start countdown, when you know nobody else is going to join.

I hope the same quest-reset bug doesn’t strip credit for some greater task (like the catch-a-Ditto, which took a whole week of hunting). Has anybody else been bit by this bug in your task work?


No if you are not battling in the raid at the end e.g. if you have died it does not count


You cant bail… Doesnt count if you bail. You need to get your ass handed to you properly.


The first time I bailed before it started. Then I returned and did the raid without bailing but got beat by the Aggron.

I’ve finished tasks that say to win a raid or to win a level 3 raid or to win two raids. This just says to battle in 10 raids. Wouldn’t it say to win 10 raids if getting beat in a raid didn’t count?


yh don’t bail, you can create a one crap pokemon party in the battle box and just lose a raid 10 time but stick to the end. Also might be worth making it a private party so you don’t have people join :slight_smile:


Why? If people join, he might even manage to beat the boss


There is a difference between bailing and losing :wink:
You have to stay in untill the time is up.


Losing 10 times doesnt work anymore. Still only counts as 1.


Ahh when did that change??


about 2 weeks after quests got released i think.


Through trial and error I determined the following:

  • task credit for fighting a raid is given when you join (before the actual fighting begins), and doesn’t go down immediately if you back out before fighting (I’ll test next whether it does go back down if the raid ends without you rejoining… I’d be very surprised if it doesn’t retract the credit if you don’t ever rejoin, which would represent “enter 10 raids” instead of “battle in 10 raids” or “win 10 raids”)
  • fighting in a raid counts as one (even if you lose)
  • if you back out before the 120-second countdown finishes, then come back and don’t back out this time you will get credit (confirming that the behavior I reported in my initial post to this thread actually was aberrant)