Looming in the Shadows Guide


I need to do two more Raids and purify fifteen more Pokémon.


2 more to purify, 3 raids to go for the next step.
Had connection issues today. Otherwise I would have done a raid or 2 today. Almost lost a shiny :scream:


I know that feeling. I’ve lost a total of two Shiny Cyndaquil and one Shiny Bagon.


Same here at stage 2, I have not purified anything at this stage, I’m picky on purifying that I would only purify something that I would use after, don’t just purify any junk and transfer it.


Finally beat Arlo today, so I just got Sierra left to beat.


In total I did about 20-30 leaders… I got 3 Unova stones… from one side “only”, from other side in last 10 battles I was praying “give me potions!, give me potions!” I have no use for Unova stones anyway :wink:


Made a little progress on stage 2 after picking up 2x cheap 1K Bats. Only 9 more to go.


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