Looking 4 Shiny Charmander! 🔥



Been playing only for a couple months, and am making great progress on lvl40. I am halfway to lvl32. Keep in mine I have a 1 year old and a new born to take good care of. It’s not the easiest! Team Instinct! I’m new to the site, so take this as my intro and my official hello to all you guys. Now to the point! Halfway through playing I come to notice a black Charizard at one of our gyms, so initially I start tripping and am now falling in love! So as you all can tell I have been extremely wanting a shiny for some time now! My question for everyone in or around North Dakota or even a little into Minnesota, or people traveling here or there. I would be willing to drive halfway, meet up, and trade what ever I have you want for a shiny Charmander! If interested please contact ASAP. We will add each other, send gifts, and become 1 star friends. Remember The cost at 1 star friends is 1,000,000 starcrack :joy: for a shiny trade, and also counts as a special trade! Thanks guys! :pray:


If you want to come out to east coast, I have extra Shiny Charmander.


If you’re not trolling and truly interested man, add me on GO… Stay active on gifts so maybe if we do this we will be higher friendship levels and get bigger discounts. Also if you would reply with a screen shot and name him “Extra” and let me see him! :joy: I’ve seen a Charizard but not the Charmander version. Truthfully I’m also a little skeptical. :laughing: Travel to meet up with no one? Lol no time for that! Hopefully we can further communications and chat some more about all this! Thanks man!


I got Charmeleon


Welcome to the hub and thanks for the like lol




Is that an extra one you’re willing to trade? Or only 1?


small heads up: if you don’t have a shiny charmander yet, it will costs you 1 million dust before friendship discount, and not 20k


RIP My bad! I just reread the chart… Expensive if you ask me!


Got one
But you gotta be in Wisconsin man
Sometimes I am in St. Norbert college area in De Pere


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