Longest time defending a gym in Pokemon GO


My monster got kicked out last night after over a month


Yesterday I got kicked out of a Gym in Germany that I was defending for almost a month. That’s the longest ever I’ve been in a Gym.


For me still about 9 days.
Some gyms I get kicked out in hours and sometimes I stay in for days. But rarely longer than 4-5 days.


Most I get kicked out after a few hours. Lots of players here. I helped someone take down a gym this morning. Luckily she was on my team.



It’s nice that your mon could stay at a gym for so long and turn the gym badge gold




You should blank the Picture too. Someone may recognize it and be a Male Rooster Head knocking it down.


It isnt even on gym maps lol


Thrown out of one. I expected that to happen way earlier because it is a known place of interest there. Still in another one though!


This one has no place of interest in a radius of ~20 km










Challenge me to find that :joy: :rofl: