Level up report


I am Level 35 on my main, and only about 100k from 36. I have a second account on my work phone that is almost 32.


I need to average 42300XP a day from here on to get to L40 by end of November.
No Lucky Eggs for Evolving or Legendary Raids used so far. Saving them for Double XP (Halloween Event hopefully) or for the last MIL. My regular catches have Candy counts in the 1-4K ready for cash in.

I found an error with the formula for calculating how much a day I needed to average in the spread sheet a couple of days after I made it. Forgot to update this thread at the time. I actually needed to average 62100 a day.


That’s the PoGo grind… save them up for events with double XP etc then level up.


Hit level 30 yesterday! Gotta keep doing those legendary raids.


Finally level 38! It got me by surprise so I have no screenshot. One more step before I reach basecamp.


After more time than I thought…


Just a little more to level 31 lucky eggs + evolutions help. GO TEAM VALOR


My quest to get to L40 by end of Nov is running well ahead of schedule atm.
Once I got to 2Mil to go I started dropping some lucky eggs while doing some Lure time evolving randoms at the same time.
Only 1.06Mil to go now and mission will be complete.


Got there today well ahead of my target date.
319 days total.


Congrats man! I’ll be there soon, but have fun!


Nice one! Now you can grind to your heart’s content to get on the national leaderboard.


I don’t know what that is? @beales.com


Oz level 40 leaderboard (not a Niantic / PoGo thing, external). I’m sure some of the level 40s in SA are on it.




Yes, guy, BOOM. Congratulations, and run for the 38


Well, that’s the goal isn’t it😁?


Yessss, I’m running as well (behind you, but running) :sweat_smile:


i hitted level 31 last week.Team instinct


I’ve hit 31 today! Surprisingly took a shorter amount of time than I thought (Halloween event did help though).


I hit Level 37 today. I first hit Level 36 back on June 28th. So at this rate I won’t hit Level 38 until Memorial Day next year. I did beat my goal of Level 37 by Thanksgiving though.