Level up report

Forgot to report this. It took much less time getting to 41 than to 40 haha.



Tired of the grind :disappointed:… on schedule to get my puffy jacket with patches sometime around xmas 2022😵‍💫


Patience and progress. Hang in there.

Maybe we should have an “almost” thread – for almost leveling-up, for almost hundo, almost maxed-out, and almost best buddy… (Not sure how an ‘almost lucky’ or ‘almost shiny’ might work; but it might be worth having those in there, too.)

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The in-game fireworks took on additional meaning for me when my Main hit 48 early this morning. :smiley: :partying_face: :cowboy_hat_face:

When (or even whether) I’ll ever reach 49 is anybody’s guess – getting 50 Luckies through trades could take me years… (Although I have dozens of Lucky Friends, very few of them will ever be near enough to make trades.)


The 50 Luckies comes up quicker than you think if your Trading every day with a willing friend or an Alt acct. let’s face it most players that are well advanced in the game have at least one Alt. Hats off to those that don’t.
You don’t have to trade the full 100 each day.
I average between 40-100. It’s only time and fatigue that stops me doing the 100.
The one draw back is you have to catch lots of Pokémon over a week/daily and have bag space to carry the Trade rubbish.
At a guess I’m carrying 2-300 trade rubbish. I trade like hell to run my bag down to 600-700 spaces by CD as all those CDmon from >100km will be my Trade rubbish for local caught desirable XL’s.
Running a Gotcha on the Alt helps collect rubbish.

Thanks for the tip. I’m not a big fan of trading – it’s almost as unsatisfying to me as fighting in the GBL. So I tend not to trade much. Even just twice a day seems tedious.

Just earning the 25 Million XP needed to go from level 48 to level 49 could take several months, though; so I’ll try not to obsess on the daunting number of Lucky Trades and just settle back in to enjoy playing…

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Faster than I thought…


just wait until you need to get the level 45 requirements

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Shurely, but the worst for me are still the growing amount of PX to accumulate. I’ve seen people having a cushion of points so they only needed to fullfill the requirements. I entered level 40 with nothing, so I have to gain every million in hard work now, not years ago…

No kidding! There was little urgency for the first 7 higher levels, having had enough XP already to get halfway through 47. Now everything is ahead, and I can feel the impatience that drove my mad rush for 40 afflicting me.

Main’s got 2 more levels to reach 50 now; please put my phones into my casket when I reach the long dirt nap, and set up an exterior charging mechanism, if you can. I’ll probably still have a few million XP to go, by the time I reach room temperature. (and I bet we’ll still be waiting for Black Kyurem)