Level up report


On 28th April after two and a half years of playing Pokemon GO I finally hit level 40!!! :star_struck: :top: :trophy: :crown:


Congrats… now you have to find another reason for to go on.


I will continue to play this game because I like it. There are so many things to do: completing the Pokedex, getting gold medals, raiding legendaries and other Pokemon, catching shinies, getting lucky Pokemon, taking AR photos, trading, PvP, getting 100% IV Pokemon, getting stardust to power up the strongest Pokemon, getting TMs to get the best moveset, incubating eggs, doing research, etc.


Haha, I see, you have things to do for years… :selfie:


One to go…


Your fast… btw


With a little help from my best friends :wink:


Only 5 million XP to go!




Home stretch @Pokemon


You just need 50 new Best Friends. Or 25 if you use Lucky Eggs


Huh? You were far behind me! :thinking::confounded:


Then I got a gym


After school gets out im planning(hopefully)to shoot up there…I think I can get to at least 37 by the end of the summer, 38 is definately doable as well


You got a gym? What do you mean about more xp and level up from it?


Only one to go! :heart_eyes::heart_eyes:


You think? :slightly_smiling_face:


What lvl are you now?


7 more days until Best Friends. If you use Lucky Egg, I can get you 4% of the way there.


Considering I am only 1/3 of the way to 36, by the end of august, I think so