Level up report


Yessssss! Thanks!


Congratulations you have reached level 36


Congratulations @Pokemon


JimDaRaider and JonesDaSlayer?


No JonesTheSlayer


Jim I leveled up!


I can’t present you a screenshot of his level up (he doesn’t care about this stuff :thinking:), but I can report, that my husband reached level 40 this weekend :grinning:


No Screen shot handy, but I hit 39 on 9/7 (about a month ago) and according to the rate I am playing, I should hit 40 right around teh first of the year, or better, my birthday! (Jan 8th)


I hit level 39 on the 17th of september and at my rate, 2 million in three weeks at this point in time, i hit level 40 around the 10thh of november