Level up report


Dude, your’e barely older, stop hating, a post like that should be enough for @Thorend to suspend you for the fourth time .

@Lingyujie never did anything to you.

Yet you attack him.


I see level 40 a lot but I haven’t seen level 41.


Level 41 doesn’t exist yet. But Niantic is working on a higher level cap, so you could see it very soon.


When the Kanto event ends, I will do an evolution marathon with lucky egg in use. lvl 30 is just 56k xp away :star_struck:


A little quicker than expected.


Congrats bro


congrats @MrHeineken88
and btw,did you caught that electabuzz?? just curious :blush:


No electabuzz. But to morrow i enter the night shift. It gives a lot of freedom. So I hope that I can find it. Got an Elekid, nut that’s just one.


yeah right!..
Anyways welcome to the club(lvl30):blush:


Up to 31. (30 levels in 3 months. Never knew how addictive the game is)


I know right I started February 1st of this year my brothers have been playing since it came out and now I can’t put it down either did someone say rehab lol



And this is me:

Only 3k apart!


Are you two on a race to level 36?
Btw, Mewtwo is tall


No, no race, I know who the winner would be.


Maybe 6’ 5


@Mew1 @Gary_oak is in Japan so easy grind.


That is good


Yes I would want to be there or Sinagapore where @Lingyujie is


Those 2 places are very popular for GO


@Pokemon @Gary_oak my brother’s account isn’t too far behind :slight_smile: