Level up report


I am 250k xp from 36 now, hoping to make it there by the middle of june


Lol that is what i get in just over a week. But tbh i am grinding 1,5 hours a day by just biking to school and back. There are 8 gyms on the road that I have a golden gym badge for, 1 silver gym, and 10 pokestops. I spin all of them twice a day, and capture almost everything I see.

I expect to become level 37 in 2 weeks time.


I get double that in a week


That plan may have been modified



Congrats to all those that have leveled up recently.

Only 4.4mil to go to complete L40 for the second time. Goal is hopefully before end of July which will be around 2 months quicker than the first time around. There has been no spam evolving this time around.


I know what you mean. I’ve done one evolve session since 40 & hit 2x40 quicker this time around. Haven’t even hit 600 legendary raids either… :flushed:
Nice work on your grind fam!


Took me 3 1/2 months to go from Level 38 to 39. Not expecting to see Level 40 until after Christmas.


Congrats!!! I hit level 32 like maybe 2 months ago :neutral_face:


Yeah. Not really a level up, but it is level halfway-to-forty :joy:


only if you had exactly 10 million, so close


I’m a little more than 75% of the way there. Maybe around Christmas…


There are huge amounts of XP to be gained with this new friends system as well as an XP boost coming up after the Dortmund event

They’re also may be a period where lucky egg times are increased to 1hr.

Once I hit 40, I stopped grinding XP, but I’ve added millions since the fighting event (double gym/raid XP) and the new pokestops giving so much during the rock event. XP is so much easier to get than it used to be.


What level now?



TL40×3 yet?


I saw! I watched you level up in game.


From 5 days ago @Branebs


Even if gen 4 comes out and you get all the xp from them registers?


You have 3 accounts???:astonished: