Let's talk rares folks


So I am curious as to what kind of rare catches do folks have. I am rural and have hit thre 3 rd largest city in my state. I couldn’t tell you the last time I saw a rare Pokémon. No dratini, no larvitar, no unknown, no lapras. It is a little frustrating.

Then I see videos of popular youtubers that are hitting west coast spots and snagging monsters of Pokémon. I don’t know what I am doing wrong and why I can’t find any rare killer spawns.

It is getting frustrating. Where do you all find rare spawns. Type of location, time of night/day, or you as unlucky as I am. Lvl 32 day one player and don’t even have a charizard.


I am a rural player too but sometimes I go to a ‘big’ city (100k) and then it’s party time! So many Pokémons, so many Pokestops. It’s like PokemonGo heaven :slight_smile:

This might come in handy to know where known nests are in your neigbourhood:

and then select the ‘Nest Atlas’


It helps to understand the local biomes. I used to frequent a water biome. Never saw fire pokemon though. I had to visit nests to finally get Charizard. Will be the same for Typhlosian. Some rares w/out nests just took forever. Lucky egg hatches and walking some rares a long distance essentially. My last Gen1 pokemon was Hitmonlee. I also had luck during vacations out of state. Never saw a Grimer until I went to Florida.



  1. YouTube scanners don’t impress me. I’m serious. These idiots scanned the shit and drove down there before starting the video. O don’t scan, but I know a very effective one. About pissed my pants when he showed me his stuff. He keeps no Eevee evolutions or base under 98%. I don’t think he keeps ANYTHING under 93. So, there’s that.

  2. Legit playing. You just gotta keep going out. Days and days of straight trash. Good IV drops are inconsistent. I’ve had days of practically nothing, then this morning I nab, like, 7. But it’s mostly a snag-all-the-trash, pure dust hype. The nutty stuff is just icing. It is also inconsistent. Certain migrations destroy hunting spots, and others make them nutty.


I live in a community of 50000. I have either spotted in sightings or caught most of the available Pokémon.

However when visiting my dad in a small town of 2000 people. I have caught a nidoqueen, 2 arcanine, charmillian and a couple other less common Pokémon. This is in just probably 2-3 hours of play. I’ve caught traveler, golem, multiple rydon and a couple other good ones stopping at gas stations on the way there. This isn’t statistically significant by any means but I don’t think finding rares is impossible anywhere.


last rare Pokemon I have seen was a Scyther three days ago.


Catching up some memories:

I remember seeing a Vaporeon in the wild a couple of weeks ago. It’s CP was low and IV as well but seeing one in the wild was awesome.

And I’ve seen a Gyarados twice in the wild. The first one was during the Water Event I believe so that makes it less rare/special but the other one was before or after the Waterevent. it makes you look twice before you believe it.

And a Blastoise, somewhere in the middle of the night in a spot where I often come so I was thinking that it was because of nighttime but it was pure luck.

My first big fish was a Nidoking, just around the corner.

An Exeggutor just in front of my house. I missed it completely but my son saw it fortunately.

A Lapras during the Waterevent. No Snorlax unfortunaltely.

My first Porygon at a Pokestop.

Or catching a Dragonair.

Wobbuffet was also a nice catch. The first time. Now I have 5 or 6.

All these rares had bad CP/IV but that didn’t matter.

It were just special moments you once in a while have.

Most exciting though was caching that little yellow shiny Magikarp.


My neighbourhood is quite rural, but the spawns are amazing. I have personally seen:
15 wild dragonites
6 wild tyranitar
42 wild exeggutor
34 wild gyarados
All unown variants
3 shiny magikarp
What about you? Anyone else have insane luck?


I have never seen a wild g dos, including being on a water biome during the water event. Caught 438 karp during that event. Not a single shiny.

I’ve only seen 2 larvitar in the wild on near by. Never seen an evolution of it. No grimer, never seen a lapras, one blastoise a year ago. All the rares I have have been hatched amidst the crap pineco (10) and Gligar (5) which I see a decent amount.

Have never caught a totadile or even seen one. I use the silph road for nests that’s how I got archanine. Other than that for nests, my state has been pretty bad IMO.

I’m just curious if there are specific factors I should look for. Like water event was on Cape Cod. Lured places up and everything. Magikarp all day. No G dos. No lapras. No todadiles.

Even use insence in major cities, and in rural areas where no mon spawn to see if I could pull in rares.

I play hours a day and just feel like I’m doing something wrong.


I’ve noticed over the last months rares seem to spawn more and more.
I’m convinced that the spawn rates have been increased or as a player levels they see better spawns.


I do live in an urban environment (population 200k), but the spawns here just aren’t very varied. Mainly common and water type spawns. There’s three or so areas that get big nests that rotate with every migration and get decent Pokemon. Latest combination was Totodile, Houndour, Ponyta.
I’ve never seen the evolved rares (Dragonite, Gyarados, Tyranitar, etc.) in the wild, but that might be because I don’t play very regularly since the regular spawns are discouraging.

Funnily another town I play in occasionally which is much smaller than this one tends to have way more varied spawns, although not necessarily rarer ones.


You are wearing your welcome then Josh. We all know the rarity of all those Pokémon And even if you lived at the end of the Santa Monica pier there is no way that you have seen that many of all those Pokémon without cheating You are welcome to continue to browse the forums please discontinue talk of how successful you were because of your hack


Funnily enough I haven’t hacked before. Cool right? I live in a town with 400 people, but there are always good spawns. I have used a tracker though.


I live in md smack dab on the Chesapeake bay and have made over 20 gyarodose from carp candies and have yet to see a shiney carp / There was a wild gyardose on my sightings but I couldn’t find it / To get my rare ones I usually have to make from evaluations or hatch them. Now for some reason I have caught 4 miltank on the water and plenty of charmander Just never saw a dragonite and only 1 wild muk down here . I’d love to try to catch a wild dragonite and not the 8 dragonair I have seen , O and I did run across one wild typlosion on the water ,seems that most Pokémon eventually show up on the bay cause I have over 27 thousand catches with a few rare mixed in !


its hard for me to come across anything cool, even eevees are rare for me - gen 2 starters are super rare lmao


and i live in like LONDON legit in the city and spawns aren’t hot =(


Yeah, when the YouTube video starts with them parking their car to catch a Dragonite or some random 100% Pokémon (their ‘friend’ told them about) I stop watching. As should everyone.


I have been playing since July last year. I only saw one Dragonite in the wild. Caught it and powered it up the dratinies I hatched. I’ve only caught the one Larvitar I saw in the wild. Had to get my Tyranitar from hatching eggs. I’ve also only seen one Grimer in the wild. Same with Mareep.