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If you know the line up you are facing consists of Dratini / Dratini or Dragonair / Dragonite, try to have 2 Mamoswine remaining (one with partial health) when facing the third mon Dragonite, use two Avalanche as soon as the energy is generated. When I say soon, it means don’t let Dragonite use its charge move because by the time you face Dragonite, most likely you already use up all shields on the 2 previous mons, if you get hit by its charge move, you are done. One Avalanche might not be enough to beat full health Dragonite, but two would be more than enough to finish it


Man. Pokemon Let’s Go is a lot more fun than I thought it would be.


Mewtwo with Psycho Cut / Ice Beam decimates that combo.


My son loved it and beat it in like a week.


Maybe I was using the wrong Mewtwo with Psycho Cut / Ice Beam – mine went down without even a chance to do one charge attack. :face_with_raised_eyebrow:


It’s a blast to play.

I was dubious because I have played Red/Blue/Yellow (and various online MMO versions … SHHH! lol) SO many times over the last two decades that I know every detail of the games. I thought it would bore me and I’d put it down a few minutes in … but, no … it’s a fun little nostalgic game that I’ve enjoyed immensely. :smiley:


If y put pay for shipping


Photo from the new game


There’s no topic for Suicune Day, so I’ll post my experience here. Yes, I actually got the chance to participate in a raid event for the first time!
I went to the nearest city (35 km away) for Suicune Day hoping I’ll be able to find a group of players to raid with. I arrived at the city center at 4 p.m. and I noticed a group of players with their cell phones in their hands! They had already done 1 raid and they headed to the next gym. I joined them. There were around 30 players! I finally met a player I was best friends with in the game. We did a special trade (look at the new Pokedex entry thread to see what I got :wink:). I also added 3 new players as friends in the game. I did 16 raids with the group (had plenty of premium raid passes that I had bought from boxes for previous events). I caught 15 Suicune, 1 fled from me. I got so many rare candies, several TMs and other items. I finally achieved the bronze medal in Battle Legend badge. I caught 4 Suicune with great IVs. Unfortunately, I couldn’t find a shiny :disappointed:.
All in all, it was a great experience :smiley:. But I still think we need Lucky Raid Passes or something to make solo legendary raids possible. I missed so many of these events and I can’t go to the city every time there’s a new event. It’s nice to have people to play the game with you, but it’s not always possible if you live in an area where no one plays (or not many people) and it’s not a big city.


Glad you finally got to do a Raid Event. I like those the best and unfortunately missed the last 2 because of work.


Tell me how much that is


@celery maybe you want to recheck the iv’s, Lucky Pokémon have minimum iv spread of 12/12/12 or 80%


Togekiss actually works great against those dragons! I can even destroy 2 Dragonites with just 1 Togekiss!


Lol, just caught a Geodude with the remote of my TV.
And I thought the day could not get any more idiotic… :man_facepalming:


How? Did you program your remote to emit button press codes from a Pokemon Go Plus device, or what?


Haha no. I casted my phonescreen to my TV. Lg has what they call the magic remote. Sort of a mouse for the TV.


lol, sounds even better. and definitely worth sharing - thanks!


Never heard of that. Sounds cool though


Boredom is a fishingpool for crazy ideas. :crazy_face:


Looks like the new Research is here.