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I’m home! Now I can finally battle Team GO Rocket.


Go get them! First quest I’ve ever completed in 1 day. I think they are getting us ready for Jirachi.


I just got done with it its easy


Hard to believe how many Koffing spawns I’m seeing everywhere… :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

How do we estimate the IV for the Shadow Pokémon? Their stardust-to-power-up values are just a bit off from the normal, in both their Shadow form and their Purified form. So Poke Genie is “unable to detect the dust”. So I’m just going by the 0-3 star rating from their in-game Appraisal.


I have yet to see the first Koffing spawn. :rofl:


You can have 'em all, as far as I’m concerned. They’re basically a waste of Pokéballs to me.


I’m only trying to catch a shiny one.


Really? It’s pumping out gas everywhere now


Not only Koffing… :grin:

To much junkfood. :crazy_face:


Did anyone get the R notification a while ago?




Don’t know.


It hints something from Team Rocket on July 28th


There are Rumors of a shadow legendary


I still haven’t seen a Koffing but things should change later today. :slightly_smiling_face:


Yeah, Rumors do seem to be going around about that. But I’ve never come across any Rumors really worth listening to, except maybe the classic album by Fleetwood Mac.


Lol I was thinking of the old song (rumor has it)


I have this cop rifle. I am not a cop… along with High Capacity magazines… (not included)


Do you play jailbreak too?


Not really… it’s a different game that’s not well k own in that pic