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Yeah, this is not good even when Rayquaza has 3 charge moves, but for Roserade, Alakazam, the newly Kingler and others with 4 charge moves, it is even worse to go back and forth on charge moves, not give the move you want


That’s just evil.


Pokemon Masters out


Not available in my country :sob:


Is it in the US


Niantic needs to release Shadow Alolans and Shiny Shadows. I really want a Hundo Shiny Lucky Shadow Alolan Pokémon.


Just downloaded the APK and found out that even Luxembourg has it released. :scream:

But it works. Just set the language to English and country to Germany and it seems to work fine.


What a start of the day. Being somewhat late and rushing to my car, only to find out my battery died :weary:
Running back home while texting my fiancé I would “steal” here car :crazy_face:
Eventually I was just 5 minutes late.:sweat_smile:


I was hoping your incident would have an even happier ending, like if the delay wound up putting you in the right place and time for a super-special shiny encounter.

Hope your borrowing of your fiancee’s car brings no consequences worse than a brief scolding from her about it later.


These spoofers are too long in this gym. I can’t put my Pokemon in because of them. Is there another spoofer who wants to take over this gym?


You could try making a second account, bring it to Level 5, choose Mystic as your team and then kill them all.


Many people do that. I saw several players on Suicune Day and now at EX raid who use 2 accounts and have split screen on their phones. But I don’t want to do that. I’m fine with one account. And isn’t having 2 accounts against the terms of service?


Haha, she was free from work and I let her know. So no problems there. Got no Shiny’s. Got a 100% Poliwag though.


We Instincts usually don’t have that problem. :man_shrugging:


Finally watched Detective Pikachu tonight and I enjoyed it. Gotta admit that, unless you’re a Pokemon fan on some level, it will be kinda silly. The plot is all kinds of goofy, but feels like it was pulled straight from a mainline Pokemon game so it made perfect sense. lol

Also: My friend and I spent a lot of the movie pointing out all the Pokemon cameos and moves that weere used. :stuck_out_tongue:


:rofl: one (or both) of those has to be tongue in cheek…


I don’t want to break the rules, but I know spoofers exist and Niantic doesn’t ban them. That gym was mine and I want it back, but it’s outside the town and many people don’t know it exists. So, what can I do? I can wait and hope someone will take it over, but it can be months or a year before that happens. I can make another account, but I don’t want to do that. Or a spoofer can take it over. They already help people in raids so they can be useful here.


Hilarious reasoning. But I take it you are in Team Valor, or else you would take it back, yourself.

Aren’t there any members of Instinct or Mystic willing to take the gym? Even if you agree to let them have it long enough to earn a day’s 50-coin bonus?


valor at it again


As I said, the gym is outside the town. It’s in the fields next to the busy road. The road is currently under reconstruction, the parking lot is filled with gravel. I don’t know many players and only 1 player from my town still plays, but I doubt anyone is willing to go there to take over the gym. So spoofers are the only solution, unfortunately.