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Is there anyone who knows how to edit OSM, is it difficult and does it really affect spawn points in Pokemon GO? I want to add some missing roads, paths, to tag parks in order to get nests and new spawns in my town.


I do to some extend. And it is almost a science. You can kill all spawns if you label an object or road wrongly.

It has happened before that a complete island was wiped clean of Pokemon. Later it was restored but can’t remember the details.



The Shiny Carvanha and Barboach are live.


Decided to stop messing around and beat Pokemon Let;s Go. Now I’m doing the end game content and trying to max all my Pokemon out. lol


NFL fans: Andrew Luck is retiring?!?!? What on EARTH!


^^^He has made enough money during his career and doesn’t want to spend the rest of his life as a cripple. Can’t blame him.


I won 50 bucks on preseason go cowboys


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@bobbyjack8 i have my Lucky egg running for other friends, but if you open my gift in 20 min i can get another 200k exp


@Brobraam we still have 3 days until Best Friends


Oh lol miscalculated


You can open present whenever on last day. I’m not worried about egg.


Sup all



Got mauled by the random number generator this morning while using Charge TMs, the results of which had unbiased odds of occurring 1 time in 128, or about 0.007813.

Not so favorably disposed towards Niantic right not. Nor towards TMs. Will retry sometime, maybe. [edit – In fairness, what I got is not as bad as what some players have gotten regarding shiny Rayquazas, having raided 60 or more times with no shiny…]


I don’t really understand what happened. Please explain a little more.


Used a charge TM on 7 of my highest-IV Rayquazas, hoping to get Outrage. But 6 changed from Aerial Ace to Ancient Power, and one from Ancient Power to Aerial Ace. In each case there were two possible outcomes, and I got 7 fails in a row. If the TM gave the same chance for each possible outcome (which is, of course, not a reasonable assumption) getting 7 fails out of 7 (or 7 successes out of 7) would be once in 2 to the 7th times, or .007813.


I feel for those that have very minimal stock of Charge TM’s when that happens.
I have a chuckle and feel relived when it happens to me as I’m always running around 90-110 Charge TM’s at any one time. I can’t bring myself to delete some but don’t mind when the game helps me reduce the number.