Lets talk - (anything)




Are there any of our regular visitors I haven’t added as a friend yet? Please no codes here, just tell that we ain’t. I’ll message you my code privately!


Dont know I always have 200 pending so its was easy


Haha, you have 10x the friends. Got 19 with 2 pending.


Yup so task like this are easy


Just need one more. Had one that used my code and than removed me. Saves me a spot :rofl:


Correction. Got my 3 friends for the task.


Cool now on to worst part walking with this fish


Nope, the worst is the 7 days of spinning, because there is no way doing it faster.


Yea true


I don’t really want to finish it fast. There isn’t a time limit. That make 3 Excellent Curves for me is going to suck. At least it’s not in a row. Watch! Next quest it will be.


I make them sometimes more or less by accident. Sometimes even multiple a day when I’m hunting.


Ok this strange, I walked 1,4km when I was in the shower… Pokemon Go wasn’t even on… :man_shrugging:


Long live GPS drift!


Yes but that shouldn’t be happening when Pokemon Go is turned off. I restarted my phone but didn’t use the Sim pin because I went showering first.


Do you have Adventure sync?


Yes. But had the happen before closing the game. Just put feebas in and a fresh egg. :man_shrugging:

Of course I’m not complaining.


Strange things have happened to me with GPS drift and Adventure sync. They updated Adventure sync several days ago so now I can hatch eggs when riding my bike.


Yeah, I got 0.2 km last night sitting on my couch.


I’m not yet