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FP is what makes Venusaur and Meganium so prominent


Is there a reference somewhere from which we might learn rules like that and their basis?


Not sure if there is a reference containing the best IVs, you can simply try Pokebattler and keep adjusting until you find the right values


There’s an easier way to do that. Just put in “+eevee”. The “+” signifies all evolutions and the name you put in will be all that species and any evolutions. Like so:


I also included “&!Shiny” to remove all Shiny variants as I have too many to show in one picture. This is just to demonstrate how the search function can work for you.


I’m not asking for the best IVs. But you gave a rule of thumb for PvP team composition that had been derived through personal experience and / or research, and I wondered whether anybody having that sort of expertise had assembled a collection of those kinds of rules.

While I have neither the time nor background needed to do that, myself, I’d consider it worthwhile to obtain and consult such a reference if there was one.

Barring that, I’ll just have to be content with flying by instinct.


I tried that, but it wont work


Make sure there are no spaces at the beginning. That will throw it off. It’s got to be exactly “+eevee”, no quotation marks.


No one:
ROBLOX Psychics: cAr 1n gR0uNd


I thought the object was to have as low attack as possible for great league?


Ah, I see
In the CP calculation, Attack is taken as normal while you take the square roots of defense and HP - which means that 100 defense ends up with lower CP than 100 attack
In the case of something that would max out under 1500, this doesnt matter, since it can afford to go Level 40 100% IV
But something that maxes above that, say Venusaur, needs to trade off some of its stats to get in - and the choice often comes down to

  • level n, great IVs
  • level n - 1, bad attack IV, great def and stamina

And due to how CP calculations work, the latter case winds up having more stats and “TDO” than the one above
The objective also isnt “DPS”, but “TDO” (in raid terms, since your objective is to be th3 last standing and not beat the timer) so defensive Mons are generally more useful


Almost perfect, cause it’s missing Frenzy. But still a nice one!



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In your case the new appraisal system might be a great solution!


Just finished it, but because of security reasons I can’t say how I did:


Is this a way to say you have done it outside the rules?

Then really I would like you don’t publish it. Send it to your “friends” and leaf us quiet…


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