Lets go pikachu trade to evolve


i want to evolve my machoke and get it back will anyone help me ?


I’d love to help. Need Some traded evolutions too


perfect!!! when are you free to trade and trade back?


You can’t trade monsters that have already been traded


what!? you cant trade back ?


You can trade back other monsters which never have been traded


No, you CAN trade back of course, even the evolved Machamp or whatever


IN LETS GO. In Lets go you can trade back. Not in Pokemon go


Yes, and thats exactly what the question was about


well i need to trade to get my machamp so if anyone wants to trade to evolve their pokemon too hit me up on insta with a message and we can arrange a time :slight_smile: @tyhaynesfitness
or on here. i just really wanna make this happen asap
thanks for your help


What time zone are you in? I am in UTC+1 for as long we dont have DST


im in Australia, as long as we do the same pokemon code at the same time and check we have each other matched will be easy! im free anytime to trade


7:15 AM UTC on tuesday?


I am sorry, but I can’t trade anything. I haven’t purchased the Switch Online functions


He, I am may,
Never mind
It would spoil something for my brother