Less gifts from Pokestops and Gyms?



Is it only me? or has stops and gyms been giving leas gifts. Before i would almost get a gift at every stop now i need to venture further.


Its you


Well It happens like every 3 days where many stops give gifts. The other days I get them from nearly every stop.


Hihi, really is the first time that I read that there’s a posibility that a gift gives you a stop…


It has gotten hard to get gifts from stops it seems you can get them from gyms a little bit better than stops


are you joking


If you want to make jokes, change to Lavender Town.


I was replying to @bagguille but yes.


I’m getting more Gifts from Stops atm…


It’s never consistent. I either rarely get gifts to give, or I get them so fast, I have to stop and deliver them knowing I won’t get more than 10.


Yes. Same here. Losing friends because I can’t find enough for everyone.


It’s been the same for me lately too


“random number” generators are often streaky. I imagine players who don’t do the friendship stuff (ergo don’t need gifts to send) feel forced to leave 10 gifts in their item bag, to stop getting another gift with every single spin. I usually get stuck desperately hoping to get a gift to send, often going 25, 30, or even 40 pokestop items before another spin that gives me a gift to send.