Legendary dogs or legendary bird in present or in future raids?


Tomorrow is my last stamp that means 7th stamp


Yes. Then you can encounter Moltres


Cool thing about quests is you can go at your own pace. It doesn’t matter if you skip a day. This is best addition to game IMO.


Field research: 7th stamp is Moltres reward.

Special reward: Stamps mean nothing. You get Mew aslong as you finish all the quests. Can finish quests before 7thstamp.


Good thing because we are long way from Mew. I’m going same pace as kids just to keep it fun. We are still at stage 3 and need 1 more raid. We have all changed to Magikarp for our buddy and need 350+ candies to evolve so we are in no hurry. It was great getting Moltres this morning because none of us had him yet.


Which is next legendaries in quest reward?
2) zapdos


Maybe also Moltres


Why not articuno or zapdos?


I personally hope they allow us to get all the legendaries through quests. The raid system doesn’t work for most rural players and urban players probably mostly have so many legendaries that only bigger city teams would have enough willing players. Quests would be a better idea.


Lol i am exactly the same.


Is that true the legendary bird are coming from 10th April in raid?


It hasn’t been confirmed.


But from news of 7th April and email received by various trainer it is sign of return of their.


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