Legendaries in research breakthrough?


So if heard that molteres has been confirmed as a possible spawn for the research breakthrough reward but is there any other info as to what other legendaries are possible? Chance of legendaries? And what else can spawn? If I get a magicarp at the end of this it would be pretty lame.


Suppose to be Moltres which i actually need and that would be great.


I don’t have Moltres so that would be great. But Moltres shouldn’t be the only one you get for you seventh Stamp.


most likely onxs your done you just start over kinda like daily logins. With the next pokemon being maybe Articuno or another legendary.


It will be funny if they switch the Encounters after a time.


I need articuno, so I hope they rotate it. Anyway, they will have to as Moltres is one of the legendary TRIO. You can’t have a moltres on it’s own


I’m so excited! Maybe it will be all of the legendaries (which would be great as I have none). I like how we’re all gonna find out on April 6, rather than a few accelerating ahead like with Mew.


Do you get it or get a chance to catch it?
If it’s only a chance to catch for all the effort that goes in to completing some of the quests, the quest system wont be popular long term.


I’ve heard it’s just a chance, I don’t know though if that is a chance that to encounter a legendary and if if it’s a normal catch rates or higher.


Each reward Pokemon I’ve had the chance to catch in these quests, it’s been an easy catch. Just hope that continues with the final rewards one. If not, I’ll just do the 7 day quest again. I’m in no hurry.


I think it will be random, with Moltres being sprinkled in as a possibility.
But here’s my thought on another possibility being sprinkled in, and you heard it here first…
REGIONALS(maybe even SHINY)!!!


That would be amazing


Well they have added the shiny sprites so it is a possibility. They probably will because if a player already has all the legendaries, it will draw them back into the game


ill find out soon whats in both


Field Research/ Special Research:


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