Legendaries birds and how they will released in the game!



how do you think the legendary birds will released? by special eggs or you must find them in the wild? and do you think that the members of a team can get only the bird of their team? i think that wouldn’t be fair for all the players cause we all know that the birds have different ivs!


I’m not convinced it should be an egg, it needs to be more of an event, a date named but not a specific location to keep it fair for the country and city players, maybe something like the legendary birds will fly across whatever country your living in, it could fly across your screen and you have to press on it before it disappears, and you only get the bird show up of the team your in, e.g. Team Valor sees moltres


yes but it should this event be in all the countries! also i think niantic for that event should make the spawns better so legendary birds can spawn in all the countries!