Legacy Moves coming back


I really want to see some pokemon get some of their old moves back, as to boost them back into the meta or at least make them viable again. I think that Niantic used the move changes to nerf some pokemon like Lapris and Gengar when they really did need to be, with Gen 2 pokemon that also came with and the large meta change just that gave.

Any thoughts?


I feel like the legacy moves have some (more) value now seeing as they are unobtainable at this point. Would be nice if they made a trading system and make that as the main channel to obtain Pokemon with such movesets. It keeps their rarity up and would end up creating a more engaged community for the players to trade and socialize.


Since Niantic has to continue and support legacy moves in battles and whatnot anyway, I don’t understand why they even make them legacy. Just add new moves and a Pokémon might have 10 possible combinations rather than 6 or whatever. The rule that a pokemon can’t have more than 6 active move combinations is arbitrary.

While that will make pokemon less valuable on the secondary market, it will encourage people to hoard less.