Lavender Town - [TL40] Level 40 Trainer´s


For all Level 40 Trainers, from all over the world…:earth_africa:


That´s me from Germany :de: (Y)
Reached Level 40 at 21.04.2017


Wow, props dude. I’m jealous. I’m grinding away like a madman but still only coming up to 37! OMG


Team Instinct represent! Level 40 player from Austria/Vienna here. I reached level 40 just after the double XP event on the 20th of April 2017. I’m at 20.900.000 XP right now, which isn’t that much compared to other players but I’m happy with my character. :slight_smile:


I just reached Level 40 on May 14, 2017. :blush: