Lack of Potions


Has anyone else notice the lack of potions when they spin stops? I’ve literally spun at least 100 stops the last 2 weeks and recieved like maybe 7 potions (potion, super, hyper and max) what’s up with that? Soon I won’t be able to battle gyms due to a lack of healing items


My son is currently having that problems. He can’t heal his monsters fast enough to keep battling with them.


That sucks, for a min I thought I was the only one. I have like 20 potions left, so I have to be very strategic in which gyms I battle and what raids I do


Yeah, stops give much less healing items than gyms nowadays. If I have more revives than potions, I would let Pokémon battle until they faint and use revive like a potion to restore half health.


No, not having that issue at my end. I’m getting plenty and I’m trashing just as many as I use.
The game AI is very smart in not giving you much of what you really need in order to force you to play longer to get it.
You have to ride it out and get those numbers back up to trick the AI into showing your not low.
It’s all about bag balance and working out where you think that threashold number starts becoming a problem.

I’ve seen the not getting many of either Ultra Balls, Pinaps, Potions or Revives. I’m having a low Revive and low Revive drop issue from Raids and Spining Stops and Gyms on one of the kids accounts . The account that’s low is getting 3 from The MewTwo Raids while I’m seeing 6 and 9 on the accts that are going ok for Revives.


I was fine until the Kanto event started, then all I kept getting were pokeballs, ever since the event ive had 250+ consistently, 140something ultra, 100 great and around 120 normal pokeballs. I’ve went down to like 25ish max potions and 74 revives/max revives. Honestly not looking forward to grinding stops till 2019 to get it my health items back into the 100s


Raids and gyms give by far more potions and revives than stops. Definitely try spinning more gyms and doing more raids and you should see your stocks bounce back


I haven’t been doing raids lately so that could definitely help. And spinning gyms gives me pokeballs and berries no potions.


Do you have friends that send gifts? You can get more potions from that too. @Ryan21


Yeah, I got one hyper potion from the gifts opened today. I don’t really get potions from stops or gifts. :man_shrugging:t3: The usual methods in which I usually obtained potions have not been working.


@Ryan21, sometimes the game AI is smart enough to give out healing items via gifts, even though there’s not a lot per gift, that is a good way to get healing items back besides spinning gyms.


If you skip a day of fighting gyms then hit stops you will get some trust me


Oh I’ve skipped multiple days. Honestly I think I just have bad luck currently. I’ll probably get some eventually, just feeling frustrated.


Or another way you can get some healing items is to raid tier 1 2 3 raid bosses


Oh I know. It’s not that I don’t know where to find potions, it’s just that I was curious to see if anyone else noticed a lack of potions coming from stops. I used to get a decent amount of potions from stops and ever since the Kanto event they’ve practically been non-exisistant. Besides I can’t really do raids enough to get my potion stock back up in an hour or two like I would have used to spinning stops.


Somehow seems relevant. As I am almost out of Pokeballs, the usual 3balls pokespin suddenly becomes berry spin :sob:


:joy: You may have to rely on friends then


Isn’t that what friends are for? You’ve got a friend in me - Randy Newman


Love that movie


I find I get plenty of healing items from gyms I have a gold badge for and the gym is my team colour. This results in you getting about 10 items per spin rather than about 3 if you don’t have gold, or 5 if the gym is another colour.