Kyogre Raid: Hardest Legendary?


Just updated my Raid Logs into my Spreadsheet
I’ve done 15 Kyogre Raids.
I got a Shiny the very first one I did on Day 1
I saw Shiny’s in my Raid groups at 5 of the first 6 Raids in the first 4 days
I have not seen a Shiny in any Raid Group I’ve been in from the last 9 (some have been big lobbies of 14-18)
I’ve 6 caught from the 15 Raids and 1 caught from the last 9 done.
My last 5 have all run,
It’s no surprise I’m salty on the Sushi and not currently enthused to do more.


3 Kyogre raids (all on Larvitar CD),
2/3, one shiny! The one that fled had the best IVs though.


Ive managed to score a shiny on the first week. Weather boosted and 14 atk, but only 80% overall. Since the last 4 days or so, I got only cringy IVs, and 3/4 ran away. Well, atleast they did not had blizzard, so my revives said a big thanks.
He’s going away this week, I guess, so my stats are (including the first Kyogre raids): 34/24, with 1 shiny. 70.59% catch rate.
Also, from these 24 caught, only 2 have 90%+ IVs!


I’ve been playing around with the Battle Simulator function in Poke Genie to see what Counters it recommends again Kyogre.
It’s got me questioning how reliable the suggestions are?
I’ve got 2 Groudon Maxed out to L40 both with Dragon Tail / Solar Beam.
98% 4060cp 14 Attack
89% 4036cp 15 Attack
The Simulator has chosen the 89% over the 98%.
Would the 15 Attack on the smaller do more damage than the bigger with one with 14 Attack?
At what IV deferential will the 98% 14 Attack out perform the smaller IV with 15 Attack?


I play with a big active group. This isn’t scientific but I’ve asked around about everyone’s hardest legend to catch and it seems to vary by player. And I mean good level 40 players who can throw excellent curve after excellent curve. Niantic could have settings based on player style to make the game both exciting and frustrating in different ways for each trainer so we keep playing. If you moved from Rayquaza to the Latixs to Kyogre and HoOh with the same catch rates I think everyone would get bored and stop playing. My personal worst is Groudon and for most people around me he was easiest. I can’t keep that red boy in a poke ball unless I get a critical catch. Was like 2 for 24 raids, and many were failed raid attempts because that was when we were still getting our discord together. When he comes back again I’m a much better player now with beefier mons and he’s going down.


We have our discord server together for my town - All 6 of us :stuck_out_tongue: