Kyogre is no pushover. Hardest raid boss to date


The best counters against it get wrecked. I remember when we 1st battled it. We were juiced man. Last raid of the day and there it was in all of its glory. Perfect after coming from work. We went in thinking we had it. One by one it one shotted our best counters. Some of us had to got back in a 3rd time! How does that happen? Never did I imagine that hydro pump could hurt so bad. We learned that day how truly powerful hydro pump. I had to stop raiding them because of the health item drop it caused. What kind of monster does that?! Well these days I’m way more prepared to take it on but I’m really not looking to pick a fight with it. And don’t even let me get started on thunder. Bone chillingly scary.


Those are the easiest sets if you have not seen blizzard yet in your trouble. Using grass types works amazing for hydro pump and thunder. Venusaur Exeggutor and sceptile do wonders.


Thunder is fine, both Electric and Grass resist them, as does Latios and Groudon

Hydro Pump is a bit worse, gains STAB, and will hurt your Electric types badly

But Blizzard? OHKOes Grass types, does heavy damage to electric types, beats Groudon, beats Dragon types…

How many people did you have?


I tried kyogre with 5 but we had to give up because despite the fact it had thunder in the full time we never even got it into the yellow. I guess that’s the vicious circle

Can’t beat weak legendary raids
Pokemon don’t get stronger
So then you can’t beat the next etc.


We beat one with 4 using venasor, executor and sceptics Andy a couple had Raikou when it wasn’t first out level 40,39,37,me 29 at the time


Those 3 must’ve had the right pokémon maxed out. Only way they could’ve done it.


I made the mistake of going in with an all grass type against blizzard today. I think you know how that went lol


Lets wait until Origin Pulse or Primal Reversions become a thing ingame.


It was sunny weather