IVs and Movesets - How do you handle bad combos


I know there is a similar topic posted, but I wanted to address this in a discussion of how to handle this situation. For the sake of arguement let’s talk about Pokémon like Dragonite, Snorlax, Blissey, etc.
please vote and discuss.

  • Power up high IV (95% and up) regardless of moveset
  • Don’t bother if the moveset isn’t good
  • Depends on moveset and Pokémon use in the meta

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My first 100% Pokemon was a Nidoran I believe I hatched from an egg early on in the game and kept it long enough to know it was 100 percent when the appraisal system came out. My Nidoking learned Fury Cutter (3) Megahorn (90)… It’s 100 percent and has a legacy moveset (Nidoking can no longer learn fury cutter) so I kept it. Never powered it up because it has the worst moveset so its still only a hatchling at 1329CP. I used it today to quickly prestige a gym that had a 1508 Espeon at the bottom. With Fury cutter having a .4sec cool down period between quick attacks I was able to dodge nearly every attack coming my way while spamming my quick attack. It’s all about the meta, espeon is really the only pokemon my 100IV poke has been effective against and its not even the best of match ups.