ITS Birthday DAY


My birthday is August 11th


Happy birthday to you, @Pokemon, @Luke, and @bobbyjack8. I wish for you a peaceful mind, a warm heart, and a steadfast spirit always.

It’s my grand-niece’s birthday today … literally (my niece gave birth to her last night). The whole family is feeling rather tired and incredibly blessed.


Congrats @vorgriff3!!! That’s awesome!


Yeah, new humans are usually pretty cool. Been watching my nieces get married lately but I told them they aren’t allowed to have kids until they are 30.


Congrats @vorgriff3!!


Ok cool


I thought you would want grand-nieces and grand-nephews by now


I got a few already. One of my nephews is only 5 years younger than me.


Congrats to the whole family!


Thanks for all the well wishes. My sister (now “grandma”!) reports that mother and baby are both doing great.


You now have one more PoGo Trainer to recruit, twelve years or less from now… :grin:


You don’t think Niantic will have phased out Ingress and PoGo in favor of Harry Potter by then? I hope not!

The baby’s grandparents are starting a little savings account in her name to give her something for college by the time she reaches 18. I ought to start a new trainer in her name, so she’ll have a viable Level 40 warrior princess by then…


I hope not too :grin: though it might be holographic or VR more years from now…

She’s blessed for having a very loving family…